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With a loan, you can complete your studies relatively carefree and successful. Public or private loans as financial support. You are applying for a Intrasaving bank student loan or a study loan. You are applying for a Intrasaving bank student loan or a study loan. In addition to the grant, a special cost loan may be requested.

How can the studies be funded?

How can the studies be funded?

Because studying is also a big task for your wallet. For example, the University of Geneva states that students have to calculate with a total annual cost of CHF 30,084. That is the price that university and student life costs. The total annual cost is 27600 francs – 2300 per year. The semester and tuition fees of universities and FHs seem manageable at first glance.

These grow twice a year and are between 650 and 1500 francs. Much more important, however, is the cost of living. It should be noted that students are often not in the financial position to pay their own health insurance contributions – and that they usually have a higher book and computer requirements, without which many studies can not be managed.

If the students give up their home and choose a place at the university, the mothers have to grab even more into their wallet. When looking for accommodation at the university, the mothers and fathers have to participate. This is often the reason that not all courses are carried out nationwide. Here additional costs of around CHF 1000 per month are to be expected – among other things for rents and meals.

The guardians have a duty, but of course, the parents want to give their children the best conditions for later success. In addition, the legal guardians do not have to redeem every failed education wish of their children. In this way, they can encourage their children to study at the nearest university. For those with a small budget, there are many ways to apply for a scholarship or a loan.

As long as studying does not suffer,

As long as studying does not suffer,

A part-time job enriches students’ everyday lives in every respect. Nevertheless, it makes sense to provide something as early as possible for the education of the baby – ideally by nature. For example, if you save 300 francs per calendar month for more than 20 years, you will achieve an average return of 2 percentage points and a fixed asset of over 88,000 francs.

The benefits of the fund’s assets are that one can beat the faddles of the markets with regular payments: When the stock markets are raised high? As students learn economics, they will soon be able to learn more about it.

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